Red Monkey Designs makes the highest quality and most sylish Leather wide band cuffs

IMG_2279_hero__10714.1383190202.150.150 RMDT100_Drag_Tatt_Cuff_Side__56163.1327428259.220.290For over 20 years Red Monkey Designs has made the highest quality and most stylish full 100% leather wide band cuffs and power bands. Weather you like wide band leather watch strap style cuffs or just plain old 100% Rock and Roll lifestyle leather cuffs Red Monkey is the company for you. Torry Pendergrass the owner and lead designer of Red ...

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Red Monkey adds “Under $100.00″ link

Red Monkey Designs adds an “Under $100″ link on their web site. This is a perfect opportunity to purchase a few select items from Red Monkeys high end line of merchandise. Red Monkey is known for making high end leather products for the fashion, entertainment and rock and roll industries.



IMG_2279_hero__10714.1383190202.150.150 IMG_2283_hero__05479.1383190470.150.150

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Red Monkey’s move to Portland Oregon influences new web design

Red Monkey’s Corporate headquarters move to Portland has inspired a new look for the RMD Website. The beautiful Industrial vibe of Portland inspired and embraced the cultured and spirit that Red Monkey Designs spawned from. The Core of Red Monkey is about the hard working DIY entrepreneurial and blue collar work ethic. Additionally the amazing architecture, style and design of many of the Bridges that define Portland define the hand made authenticity that has become ...

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Red Monkey Gear top on Rock n Roll and All Musicians list for quality gear

When It comes to quality gear Red Monkey is the go to company for many top notch Rock n Roll musicians

Red Monkey has had a long long list of amazing Rock n Roll Musicians who absolutely love Red Monkey Product, they love it because it looks good, it’s comfortable, it’s Authentic and its durable, it stands up to the long and demanding forces of touring!!


Check out our photo gallery featuring ...

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Red Monkey Designs welcomes Tommy Clufetos to the RMD rocker family

Industry Drummer Tommy Clufetos is damn good behind the drum kit and looks damn good wearing Red Monkey. Check out Tommy in this photo wearing his RMD Watch and Custom Belt.

Tommy Clufetos (born December 30, 1979) currently plays drums for Ozzy Osbourne, and previously played for Ted ...

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Myles Kennedy uses Red Monkey

We are stoked to announce our latest great Rock n Roll musician to the Red Monkey Family Myles Kennedy.

Red Monkey Musician Myles Kennedy

Myles Kennedy uses Red Monkey guitar straps

Myles Kennedy uses Red Monkey guitar straps

Red Monkey all Hand Made!!

Red Monkey Designs based out of Portland Oregon continues a 20 year tradition of hand making all of their high end leather products. Red Monkey is known as the Industry leader in both Fashion and Rock n Roll as the Premier company for Authentic high end leather hand made products. Red Monkey started out making fat wide based leather WATCHES and has ...

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Red Monkey Designs relocates headquarters to Porltand Oregon

After 20+ years of being based out of the Entertainment capital of the world Hollywood California, Red Monkey Designs goes back home to Portland Oregon. Torry Pendergrass owner and designer originally from a small suburb in the Portland area has waited a long time to take his ground up company back home, although the move is bittersweet and Torry misses Los Angeles he is happy and ecstatic ...

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NCIS Los Angeles!! From the Vault

Check out these cool mock ups that we created to feature Red Monkey Designs and Product. Apparently a writer or a producer from NCIS Los Angeles was a big fan of the Red Monkey Product and when it came to a key main point in the story where a guy got murdered (what else) he was wearing custom Red Monkey gear, featuring a custom belt and cuff that Owner Designer Torry Pendergrass custom made exclusively for this Episode. The detective ...

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